Strive Fitness NJ
Strive Fitness NJ

First, I want to thank you for inquiring about my Strive Fitness and our group personal training and athletic training facility. In the Old Bridge area alone, you have a wide variety of fitness choices available to you. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over a decade, part of this journey involved plenty of time training in other fitness facilities and also witnessing how other training centers, clubs and studios operated. I would continuously witness personal training clients being delivered sub par coaching and poor training programs.

My frustrations of these facilities not delivering the type of experience and results that members of these facilities deserved eventually grew to be too much.
I decided to deliver the Old Bridge, Sayreville and East Brunswick area with a solution to this growing epidemic. My solution was to create an environment that through a combination of superior coaching, high-level training programs and qualified coaches that would lead to superior client results and experience. Read More on Strive.

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